Sustainable Development.

We strive:

• To make the environment one of our top permanent priorities.
• To not engage in a development that is asserted to the detriment of our natural heritage.
• For our growth to be compatible with the social development of our human resources.
• To give priority to our investments in technology incorporating social and environmental costs.

Commitment to Progress.

•We position the right profile for the job required.
• Delegation is encouraged at each level, but retaining control and staying involved go hand in hand with success.
• Since everyone’s mission is clearly defined, each and everyone feels more involved and takes it as a personal challenge.
• Being motivated and showing strong interpersonal skills in HR management guides us in our wish to be a successful growing company.


• The global methodical approach, pushed to the extreme, prevents us to make mistakes and helps us move forward and grow as a company.
• the right action, conducted with thoroughness and in the absence of improvisation, underlies the success of our projects.
• An attitude with no ambiguity earns the trust of our interlocutors.

Technology Innovation.

• Our production tools are key to our successful growth; maintaining, renovating and modernizing them are our major concerns.
• To be able to adapt our material resources to technological progress requires a continuous learning update of our human resources.

Optimal Quality.

•The certification of our units reinforces our quality label, and we willingly assume the necessary requirements.
• Ensuring total efficiency in internal control, helps us continually improve ourselves for the better quality of our products.

•The quest for quality is for us a reason to be and is highlighted by our daily management method

RH Valorization.

• Each of us is a potential bearer of innovation and progress, and thus constitutes a source of wealth.
• We are working as a team, hand in hand, united in face of difficulties, equally recognized for success.
• We strive for the workplace to be a place of fulfillment for everyone.

Staff safety.

• Preventive safety measures are prerequisites for the implementation of each production task.
• We do not tolerate any breach of safety measures dictated by the regulation laws or the exercise of our trades.
• We want to ensure that our employees have appropriate coverage against accidents at work.


• We consider our competitors as partners who give us the opportunity to outstrip ourselves.
• We treat our suppliers with consideration and in the respect of our mutual commitments.
• We welcome our visitors with respect and kindness and use diligence in responding to their expectations.

Customer satisfaction.

We educate our listening ability to respond even better to our customers’ expectations.
• we refine our organization, modernize our management methods and process and choose the right technologies in order to provide our clients the best service.
• We do not tolerate any breach of our commitments or any delay in the allotted time.


• Our integrity is undisputable; it serves as a support to all our values and allows them to flourish and express themselves.
• Those who neglect our rules is exposed to the most severe penalties.
• We cultivate a clear communication, preach true speech and favor free commitments.