HR policy

Developing its human resources, its main capital, is the group priority. The HR Management charter starts at the recruiting level through selective procedures which favor competency and experience as well as rigor. All members of the staff undergo a continuing education program for their development.

The career path in place is motivated by an incentive and compensation system. It paves the way to reclassification, and mobility from one status to another is made possible. Particular attention is given to the social component in the sense that several measures are taken to contribute to the staff welfare.

Summer camps, vacationing accommodation, various benefits as diverse as generalization of health insurance, pensions and social benefits, discounts on housing purchase packages and agreements with banks for obtaining loans at preferential rates, are good examples of the measures undertaken willingly and systematically to motivate our staff.

As far as managing competencies are concerned, our HR policy is based on:

  •  Jobs and skills Provisional Management (JPSM)
  • Career management and development
  • Rigorous recruiting process
  • Staff training and development policy
  • An ongoing continuous prospection among training institutes, universities and large schools for the recruitment of high potentials.
  • Development of sense of belonging
  • Recruits’ sponsorship
  • Management of key competencies
  • Assessment
  • Turnover analysis

Employment opportunities

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